Bringing Blockchains Together


What is Merge?

Merge is the collaborative result of crypto-based teams and individuals that seek to develop ideas and achieve new goals. Merge brings together skilled and talented individuals to form teams pursuing world adoption and the integration of blockchain technology, all the while offering a unique opportunity to be part of a life changing experience.

It is our goal to bridge the gap to crypto and provide a platform that will allow non-crypto developers to build apps or projects that interact with the blockchain.

Our Core Values


Merge welcomes skilled and talented individuals from around the world who foster new innovative ideas, incubate the ones under development and create specialized blockchain technology products.


Commitment is the heart of Merge, shaped with consistent dedication from the Core Team and the community's guidance through their pursuit of perfection.


Honesty, Clarity and Trust are the foundational pillars that Merge was built upon. Integrity is the thread that is woven through every relationship.


Our Focus

To provide an ecosystem where community members and partners can collaborate and benefit from each others expertise using the blockchain. The options are endless and limited only by one’s imagination. Merge strives to facilitate the means while assisting the completion of your idea, no matter what your main skill sets are.

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Blockchain as a Service

Our Offer

Merge helps other projects and teams leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency oriented tasks with its Blockchain as a Service model. We provide a set of tools that bring them up to date with the basic needs every blockchain project needs, including other services that help increase the value of their coin as well as extend the catalog of products offered to their end users.

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Merge Coin

The engine of Merge. Our coin is the connector to our products and solutions. Discover MERGE and its specifications.




PoW: Argon2m

PoS: See-Saw

Max Supply

100,000,000 MERGE

Masternode Collateral

10,000 MERGE

Block Time

60 Seconds

Reward Distribution

From block 2 to 57,601: 100% PoW

From block 57,602 onwards: 50% PoS / 50% Masternode (Adjusted by See-Saw)


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Learn more about our main focus and how you can be part of it while benefiting individually and cooperatively through the help of our community.