Use Software as a Service without losing your tokens

Merge facilitates blockchain and non-blockchain services, and acts as a trusted third party that pays for those services for you to use with your investment. You get back the tokens you invested once you stop using the services we provided.

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Develop Software as a Service

Develop Software as a Service and get paid for your creations

Merge attracts developers who create their own software apps, tools and solutions, being them blockchain and non-blockchain based. As a developer, we help you bringing your creations to the market and transitioning them to Software as a Service. You then get compensated when users and partners use your services.

Our Ecosystem

What is Merge?

Merge is the collaborative result of multi-functional teams and individuals who focus on providing Software as a Service (SaaS) powered by the Blockchain. With the support of the MERGE Cryptocurrency, it provides a wide range of solutions for crypto and non-crypto oriented users, teams, and companies.

Our Core Values


Merge welcomes talented individuals who foster innovative ideas and create their own solutions. We become your payer and ensure our users and partners find your services.


Commitment is the heart of Merge, shaped with consistent dedication from the Core Team and the community's guidance through their pursuit of perfection.


Honesty, Clarity and Trust are the foundational pillars that Merge was built upon. Integrity is the thread that is woven through every relationship.

Merge Cryptocurrency

The engine of Merge. Our coin is the connector to our services and solutions. Discover MERGE and its specifications.




PoW: Argon2m

PoS: See-Saw

Max Supply

100,000,000 MERGE

Masternode Collateral

10,000 MERGE

Block Time

60 Seconds

Reward Distribution

From block 2 to 57,601: 100% PoW

From block 57,602 onwards: 50% PoS / 50% Masternode (Adjusted by See-Saw)

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Our Team

Our Ecosystem

Learn how developers and end users benefit from our services. We explain in detail our Escrow process and how our Tokenomics work. We also define the purpose and goals of Membrane.