Our Services

We present our current Software as a Service catalog.

The list includes a set of services that leverage effort to crypto enthusiasts and companies, allowing them to focus on their specific goals, and letting Merge cover their basic blockchain and cryptocurrency needs.

Other services help teams and companies extend their offering to their end users.

Services using Tokenomics

Subscription-based services. Details of how Tokenomics work can be found on our Ecosystem.

Merge RocketBot

RocketBot is the bot that bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and social media. Users can deposit, send, exchange and airdrop cryptocurrencies, as well as subscribe to news and tip community members, all from social media platforms.

Merge DNS Seeder

DNS Seeder is the service that returns IP addresses of full nodes in a coin's network to assist in peer (node) discovery. This action is crucial when keeping all the nodes and wallets successfully synchronised and connected to the right chain, avoiding the risk of forking.

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Merge Explorer

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can explore the complete blockchain of any coin by using their dedicated explorer. Explorer is the tool that provides information on the contents of individual blocks and transactions that are found in a coin’s blockchain.

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Merge Hosting

Hosting is the service where masternodes of supported coins are hosted. To learn about its benefits, visit our dedicated page for Hosting below.

Merge Radio

Radio is the service that provides radio stations to teams that wish to stream audio content to their communities, such as podcasts, talks, debates, commercials and music. The service is fully hosted by Merge and runs 24/7.

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Merge Snapshot

Snapshot provides users with a secure and an up-to-date coin’s blockchain, saving time in synchronising their wallets, since the verification of each block is not needed, nor reindexing the blockchain from zero or where it was last left.

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Merge Swap App

A coin swap is the mechanism employed to move cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another at a predetermined rate. Swap App is the web interface that performs coin swaps automatic and seamlessly, becoming a solution that saves valuable amount of time as opposed to manual swaps.

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Merge Toolbox

Toolbox is the network monitor utility that helps users verify their status in a coin’s blockchain. The service currently offers these two tools: Am I forked? and Masternode Status Check

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Other Services

Services with one-time or commission-based payments.

Merge DEX Coin Listing

DEX Coin Listing is the service Merge offers to cryptocurrencies that wish to get listed on MergeDEX. Listing on our exchange, that sits under Birake’s Shared Exchange Network, involves several benefits besides the regular trading of coins.

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Merge DEX Referral

DEX Referral is the multi-level referral system for MergeDEX users that wish to earn passive rewards when they bring new traders onboard. Three referral levels are defined, providing each of them a specific reward’s rate.

Merge Merchandise

Merchandise is our online shop service, where users can purchase items of a given cryptocurrency. Items such as hoodies and T-shirts.

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Meet our Alliance Partners

Read about our alliance partners. They form a solid framework of cooperation and mutual benefit, and play a key role in helping Merge achieving its goals, product offering and user awareness.