Our Ecosystem

The main objective of Merge is to create an ecosystem that encourages the collaboration of contributors, creators, visionaries and developers who share, believe and would like to reach world adoption and integration through the use of blockchain technology. This unique method of collaboration will form Merge community teams, creating a network that builds applications "on top of" Merge’s core systems.

The main layer of the ecosystem is Merge’s protocol “Membrane” (API). This layer allows for the creation of other Merge products, which are named: Marketplace, Sandbox and All-in-One. Learn more about our products in this section.

Merge’s protocol Membrane also serves as an invitation to other projects (whether crypto-related or not) who have ideas or products to offer which require the leveraging efforts of the blockchain. Merge assists and helps them achieve their goals by using a product or solution that complements theirs.

Within the crypto environment, great visions of ideas exist all of which are waiting to be created. The goal is to offer opportunities for their creation using Merge's Membrane protocol, providing Merge's community teams a platform where custom API calls can be made, facilitating the integration of their solutions.

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Merge’s Membrane (API) is a set of protocols meant to provide seamless integration between blockchains and real-world applications by means of a common smart contract layer of abstraction. It is made for blockchains to interface with all the existing software, whether they are crypto-based or not.

The Membrane extends the communication to regular applications in order to have them benefit from blockchain functionality. To reach that goal, it uses the smart contract implementations for each blockchain and exposes it to the applications in a type of high level language that emulates business logic processes.

The Membrane's features are:

1. Multiple applications can communicate to each other through their blockchains, having the Membrane as the common interface.

2. Real-world applications can benefit from blockchain functionality by accessing them via the Membrane, making them see smart contract functionality inherent to the blockchain as pure business logic.

Lastly, since Merge is a fork of PIVX (which also means a fork of Bitcoin), it facilitates the adaptation of the Membrane to work on other blockchains that share the same Bitcoin inheritance. This proves a significant benefit for those blockchains, other than Merge, when they implement the Membrane's protocol.

Learn more about our Membrane (API) in our Whitepaper (coming soon).

Merge is not only about delivering software and applications, but also an ecosystem where the whole crypto sphere (and non-crypto too) can interact by exchanging or collaborating on products and services as well as already-developed software or components.

This gives Merge and the communities who would like to join the ability to trade and share existing services and products.

Furthermore, the Marketplace will prove to be a valuable talent pool for Merge itself while it also helps the merged communities find their place to offer their ideas.

Blockchain technology is new and its importance has begun to take notice. Merge recognizes that its greatest potential is yet to be discovered in all corners of the world.

Although emerging, the educational aspect is vaguely covered from a computer science perspective and almost nonexistent from a business or engineering one.

Merge will make available to Universities and specialized schools a Sandbox under the Merge umbrella for them and their students to explore potential development and create their vision utilizing blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology brings to businesses new opportunities in different areas of development, such as e-commerce. This opens a vast new field for developing innovative products and/or services and brings them to your fingertips.

Many current companies do not posses the capability to produce such products and/or services and have to rely on a community or an offer from outside.

Merge will offer, through its «All-in-One» product, the ability to deliver projects of varying sizes, with a full Project Management team and a pool of crypto-related developers skilled in many areas. In addition, but not limited to marketing, graphical integration can be utilized as needed.

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Learn more about the services we offer, following the Blockchain as a Service model. We provide tools that help projects leverage basic tasks related to their coins and the blockchain.