Our Alliances

Following our goal of bringing together skilled and talented individuals, Merge embraces the collaboration with existing organizations, entities and teams. These alliances help both sides in different areas, from development to marketing and sales, in a supportive and attentive atmosphere.

In this section, we invite the reader to meet our partners and learn more from their work and goals.

Our goal and focus on establishing this alliance is to assist PIVX with its non-core operations and to receive marketing support from them. The non-core related items offer the PIVX team a more community-friendly engagement and platform, and leverage work to the PIVX Core developers.


By being a member of Birake’s Shared Exchange Network, Birake and Merge support each other with the promotion and offering of services that benefit coins and traders on MergeDEX and Birake. Such services, like DEX Coin Listing, enhance the features of the Exchange Network and make this alliance a a good example of teams working together towards blockchain adoption.


With this alliance, both sides support each other on marketing and listing-related operations, offering greater exposure and influence on existing communities, and where new talented individuals, followers and investors are invited to join and be part of our goals.


Apparel Junction provides Merge with its online shop while getting in return exposure of their services via the Merge community. This is done by offering online shops to any other project that wishes to sell their merchandise worldwide.


Bitcoin Stacks provides Merge with its radio station while getting in return exposure of their services via the Merge community. This is done by offering radio stations to any other project that wishes to stream audio content on a 24/7 basis.


Become our Partner

We invite organizations, entities and teams to join, collaborate and support Merge towards common goals, having in return a positive impact in their projects with our contribution.